PeakGen – a distributed energy company enabling the transition to cleaner energy resources

PeakGen is small team of energy experts that have deep knowledge about generation, transmission & distribution networks and the energy retail environment. With an asset portfolio of over 200MW of battery storage and cleaned-up diesel generators, PeakGen has the ability to provide rapid flexibility services to electricity network System Operators.

PeakGen is actively involved in developing future services, as well as developing software, market models and new technology opportunities. 

As more renewable generation, such as wind and solar, replaces traditional fossil-fired power stations, the need for flexible, clean generation – that is able to react quickly to changes in consumer electricity demand – is increasing. For every 8MW of wind generation that is installed, an additional 1MW of flexible generation, such as PeakGen’s fleet, is used by System Operators to balance electricity demand. Our Assets are also used to provide network flexibility for distribution network operators; all with the goal of optimising the system and saving customers money.